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Who we Are


Our Company

Customs house brokers with presence along the border with united states, in the cities of tijuana, ciudad juarez, nogales, piedras negras and reynosa, being the center of operations in the city of nuevo laredo, tamaulipas.

As well, we count with correspondents in the pacific, such as manzanillo and lazaro cárdenas. In the gulf of mexico, in thi city of veracruz and coatzacoalcos, and another in the airport of mexico city, just to mention a few, these being the most important borders in our country.


With more than 30 years of experience that support us, as well as our highly qualified personnel, offices and first level instalations, our cutting edge operationg systems technology. All of this, with the goal to offer a better and more complete service, for the peacefullness of our clients and their business.

The handling of goods requires a high range of reliability, for which we count with the necessary infrastructure for the maximum security and optimum shelter.



In the past years, our company has developed a communication network for the transmission of voice and data between our branches and clients, allowing us to have access to the required information and be done in a more agile and efficient way; furthermore, our traffic system is linked to saaiweb, which permits us to count with a complete handling of the databases of our operations.



Be able to get full satisfaction of our customers through an efficient and personal service, always providing added value.



Be a highly competitive company in the field and deliver the best possible service based on a price-quality ratio.